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Circulation Issues

New Brunswick is undergoing new developments everyday and increasing in population. One of the reasons why circulation and traffic is becoming a problem in the city is because of rapid population growth not just in New Brunswick but in surrounding cities. The burden is on New Brunswick because it is a main hub for commerical, retail and residential areas as well as holding a major train station. The continued growth and revitalization in the city is ultimately resulting in increased traffic and higher demands on roadways.

The growth of development in the city is a positive change but many people have very limited options of transportation. Residents of New Brunswick have found in the past that bicycling is the fastest, easiest and the most inexpensive mode of transit.

New Brunswick Master Plan:

“ Continued development,  as well as employment  and  population
growth in the City and surrounding communities, will likely increase
traffic within the City and place a greater burden on the existing
circulation system. It is obvious that  continued growth and
revitalization within the City will result in increased traffic levels and
place greater demands on the roadway system.  Increased traffic
congestion is  a concern because it is  perhaps the most obvious
impact of land development, has the potential to negatively affect
the quality of life, and  may  pose  a constraint  to continued
revitalization.  The City must insure that traffic circulation
improvements  are designed to support the various land use  and
development proposals within the City.”

A new bicycle ordinance has been put into affect stating that a rider older then twelve will be fined for biking on the sidewalk. For many people this is an issue of safety, not being able to ride on the sidewalk because the congestion and traffic has become too unsafe to bike on the main road.

One of the main issues of this ordinance is not the actual law, but the punishment behind this law. Violators will be fined $25 for the first violation, $50 for the second and $100 for the third. Many cyclists are facing problems of affordability for transit and cycling is the best option because of its inexpensive and efficient nature. Residents are also now afraid of this ordinance because of its nature for targeting minorities where to buy levitra.

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