To determine “bikeability,” to ensure safety, and to provide individuals access to safer routes for bicycling in the Rutgers Community.

These goals can be accomplished through:

  • Conduction of pre- and post-test surveys regarding demographic information, occupation identification (student, faculty, etc.), accident reporting, perception questions, etc.
  • Evaluating data and information: identifying the community and the decision makers effectively, extensively researching existing legislation and municipal master plans, researching bicycling initiatives in other communities, utilizing existing accident data to understand patterns, frequencies, and relationships, mapping out the locations of recorded theft, bike stands, etc.
  • Holding a community mapping event in which individuals will use public participatory GIS to account for the conditions of roads and to provide suggested safe routes for bicycling, etc.
  • Educating the Rutgers Community about the benefits of bicycling, the need for safety assurance, and the need for improvements in the bikeability of New Brunswick and all campuses
  • Increasing Awareness and the need for change
  • Community Outreach to viagra pas cher increase visibility of the nature of the problem
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